Research Project 


Strategy Programs
The main purpose of this document is to illustrate the current priorities and strategies of Ev-K2-CNR and to provide a concise summary of the scientific and technological activities planned for execution in the 3-year period.
The program in particular marks a departure of Ev-K2-CNR, as it moves from a multi-disciplinary organization to a more inter-disciplinary, integrated approach.
In the two-years period 2006-2007, the Ev-K2-CNR Committee carries out the growth of its expertise to others nations of HKKH, as Pakistan, China (Tibet Autonomous Region) and Bhutan.
Ev-K2-CNR intends to consolidate its efforts, favouring the interdisciplinarity and spreading of the scientific studies results, also in the light of its increased partecipation in important international programs with institutions as WMO, UNEP, WWF and WHO.
In the 3-years period 2003-2005 the Ev-K2-CNR Committee intends to direct its studies towards the major intedisciplinary topics marked by a particular sceintific rilevance at an international level, but with special attention on social relapses.
In the 3-years period 2000-2002 the Ev-K2-CNR Committee foresees the starting up of 44 research programs. Their contemporary execution will permit to outline a detailed panel on the different aspects of human impact in remote areas and on the operation of ecosystems in particular conditions for pressure, temperature and isolation from the direct anthropic influence.


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