EV-K2-CNR Scientific and Technological Projects 

Besides the integrated sustainable development/research projects described above, Ev-K2-CNR continues to promote scientific investigations on specific topics to improve our knowledge in mountain and altitude related fields.  For the most part, these studies are self-financed but are promoted through the Ev-K2-CNR network and carried out in collaboration with institutions and researchers in the host countries. 

Researchers interested in doing studies in the Ev-K2-CNR project or at the Pyramid International Laboratory-Observatory need to submit a proposal for evaluation by the Scientific Council and by the BTC (for projects to be executed in Nepal).

Since 1990, over 550 research missions have been carried out at the Pyramid Laboratory. 
Hundreds of researchers from around the world have performed studies in the fields of:

-    Medicine and Physiology
-    Environmental Sciences
-    Earth Sciences
-    Anthropological Sciences
-    New Technologies

Just a few of our significant achievements so far:

-    Prof. Desio's patrimony of geodetic, geophysical and geological data in the K2 region;
-    The discovery of the Snow Leopard's return to SNP and unique data on the numbers and habits of these endangered cats there;
-    A model evaluating the impact of tourism in SNP;
-    A confirmation of genetic adaptation to high altitude by native Tibetan populations (data concerns the expenditure of less energy while walking or running when compared to low altitude natives);
-    Greater understanding of mechanisms which determine the variability in maximum aerobic power at various altitudes;
-    Identification of the "lactate paradox" in the Tibetan population;
-    Precise to-the-millimeter quantification of a gradual shift of Mount Everest to the north;
-    Precise measurement of the heights of the following mountains: Everest (including the exact depth of the snow cap), K2, Aconcagua, Rosa and Cervino;
-    Discovery and translation of a 15th century's Tibetan manuscript telling of the life of Chokyi Dronma, Princess of Gunthang in Western Tibet;
-    Recording of the songs of the last Kulunge Rai nomadic hunters;
-    Publication of "Guidelines for Eco-compatible Expeditions".

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