Seed Activities 


Management-oriented research and training:

  • Develop an integrated management-oriented research program
  • Conduct management-oriented environmental research and monitoring to support the CKNP
  • Install and manage operations of Automatic Weather Stations in CKNP
  • Assess local techniques in sustainable natural resource use and identify best practices
  • Provide community-level training in natural resource management best practices
  • Mobilize communities for participation in conservation and sustainable use of Park resources
  • Establish an international panel of natural resource experts at KIU to support CKNP management
  • Establish a faculty for integrated mountain area development studies and applied research at KIU
  • Carryout afforestation and social forestry interventions in vulnerable watershed areas

Sustainable Park Management:

  • Establish environmentally sustainable CKNP headquarters
  • Establish/improve Park Entrance Points including camping and CKNP field office
  • Establish CKNP visitor information and registration facilities
  • Improve Park signage
  • Recruit new staff and provide support for existing CKNP staff
  • Provide working equipment for CKNP staff
  • Build capacity of key stakeholders involved in CKNP management
  • Establish sanitation and sustainable waste management schemes for major trekking routes, including installation of two ecological platforms at Concordia (Baltoro Glacier) for human waste
  • Carry out trail upkeep and maintenance services
  • Establish tree plantations at the Hispar campsite



Local livelihoods                                                             

  • Assess local livelihood opportunities, risks and changes
  • Carry out training courses for trekking leaders and guides
  • Support traditional woodworking craftsmanship

Health, education, basic facilities

  • Improve/install water supply schemes for communities
  • Implement measures to improve water quality
  • Build capacity of local administrations in water quality and sanitation control
  • Conduct teacher training courses
  • Provide modern teaching aids for local schools
  • Improve facilities/infrastructure of local school buildings
  • Establish a health-service network for Braldo-Shigar
  • Improve capacity of Lady Health Workers (LWHs) and Trained Birth Attendants (TBAs)
  • Improve higher education facilities at the KIU campus by installing a water supply scheme and a renewable energy supply and improving access ways
  • Raise community-level awareness on key issues, including: hygiene and health, the importance of education ; gender inclusion; improvements in community organization; and the community’s role in CKNP management


Agricultural productivity

  • Promote off-season vegetable farming and seedling production                 
  • Enable market access for local agricultural products
  • Assess potential for increased production and marketing of local agricultural products
  • Establish fruit nurseries and training for improved productivity and marketing for local farmers
  • Improve livestock and pasture management
  • Develop systems for environmentally sound, safe and hygienic production and processing of agricultural products and provide related training

Economic development

  • Economic development
  • Develop trophy hunting programs
  • Promote safe gemstone mining techniques in the CKNP area

Promotion of cultural heritage and eco-sustainable tourism

  • Assess and map historic settlements and places of architectural value
  • Assess and promote cultural heritage of CKNP and buffer zone
  • Renovate traditional architecture and village-layouts in Askole
  • Establish a cultural/historical museum in Askole
  • Develop Askole in relation to infrastructural improvements of existing campsites
  • Identify and promote cultural heritage-trekking routes
  • Improve hospitality services in terms of quality and social / environmental awareness
  • Carry out sustainable solid waste cleanup campaigns on major trekking routes
  • Engage local media to promote public awareness of CKNP
  • Develop an interactive web portal for CKNP and Northern Areas


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