Seed Objectives 

Specific Objectives

  • Building a strong, intrinsically scientific CKNP management: the SEED project will contribute to the finalization and implementation of a management plan for Central Karakorum National in a threefold way:

    ·        Establishing and extending key baseline data for the development of regulations and zoning to be developed in the framework of the management planning process and establishing a mechanism to feed this information into the management planning process

    ·        Building a structure and creating the capacity for the development and implementation of the management plan according to contemporary protected area management approaches and practices

    ·        Building the foundation for the implementation of the management plan at the community level by creating local institutions, testing, documenting and mapping best sustainable local natural resource management practices

  • Improvement of local livelihoods and well-being; The SEED project will focus its support on livelihood assets and improvements of local people’s wellbeing in and around the park, ensuring that they are not in conflict with, but support the park’s conservation efforts. The project will address local communities’ basic needs, regarding health, hygiene and sanitation and contribute to increased livelihood security, foremost through supporting diversification of cash income sources of households, by generating income opportunities in the tourism, craft and small trade industry. But it will also help the communities to increase the yield of their crops in an ecologically sustainable way and to diversify their agricultural portfolio.
  • Economic development and support for the eco-sustainable tourism sector

    For conservation areas, eco-sustainable tourism is the economic sector which is most consistent and compliant with the national park’s vision, objectives and regulations. The eco-sustainable tourism sector has a large potential to generate funds which could sustainably support many local families, the park management office and open up new perspectives for local communities. Such benefits have been proven to be key for achieving consensus and foster a common agreement among the stakeholders for park management vision and regulations, a prerequisite for a successful and effective implementation of the protection on the ground. SEED project supports improvements in the quality of visitor services and installation and sustainable management of appropriate and ecologically sustainable visitor facilities. It also provides the park management with the knowledge and systems that allow it to generate information to manage visitor flows.



A key feature of the project’s approach is its strategy to integrate research (and capacity building for intrinsic knowledge generation) with community development and ecosystem management. Thematically, the SEED project will focus on three main interconnected areas, which can be considered the main pillars of an integrated development of CKNP from the perspective of different prevailing approaches in the fields of macro-economic development, protected area management/entitlements, livelihood development and well-being.

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