Integrated Programs 

Ev-K2-CNR Committee promotes important interdisciplinary scientific programs, placing special emphasis on results which benefit the environment and local populations.

Our large scale programs, developed in accordance with major international organizations such as WHO, WMO, UNEP, ICIMOD, IUCN, WWF, etc..) aim to make contributions such as:

  • study and monitor global changes
  • promote sustainable development in mountain areas
  • biodiversity conservation
  • development and cooperation oriented research

Share is an integrated project comprising an international climate and atmospheric monitoring network and research in environmental and geophysical sciences.  Working in synergy with projects run by UNEP and WMO, data from the SHARE initiative benefit the international scientific community as well as decision makers. 

The SEED project, realized in the framework of Pakistan-Italian debt for development SWAP agreement (PIDSA), aims at an integrative development of CKNP region through supporting the implementation and management of CKNP, improving local wellbeing and livelihood options.

Karakorum Trust 2 aims to support a sostainable development of the Central Karakorum National Park as well as to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, by promoting a coordinated program of research, cooperation and development initiatives with a special focus on evnironmental conservation, biodiversity protection and water resources.

This multi-stakeholder initiative is focused on building institutional capacity for sustainable ecosystem management by developing decision support tools for the administrators of high altitude protected areas in the Hindu Kush-Karakorum-Himalaya (HKKH) region.

The GEMM project aims to improve the quality of the local environment and  benefit local populations by developing a coordinated program of monitoring and environmental research, technology transfer and sharing of expertise and know-how.

Water for Life in Pakistan: Implementation of a support service able to sustain the agricultural development of the Gilgit - Baltistan Region. An important economic activity will be induced by this support service. In this way the local disadvantaged communities will benefit both from this generated economic activity and from the valorisation together with the organised management of water resources.

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