GEMM - Gulf Environmental Monitoring and Management 

Ev-K2-CNR was intrigued by the challenging opportunity to replicate their expertise in integrated, multidisciplinary environmental monitoring in a non-mountainous environment.  Stimulated by the need for environmental protection in the Gulf region, Ev-K2-CNR accepted the challenge and now leads and coordinates a group of CNR researchers who will collaborate with local scientific institutions promoting the application of systemic research.  The team of Italian researchers will work closely with the existing local scientific institutions to exchange experiences and promote a more networked approach to efficient, coordinated, quality research. 

GEMM aims to provide instrumental scientific support in solving the Arabian Gulf’s major environmental problems.  GEMM’s contributions will be characterized by excellence in integrated environmental research and monitoring, becoming a point of reference for research in region. 

Specific objectives of GEMM include:
-    Sustainably pursue environmental and technological development goals
-    Carry out long-term integrated environmental monitoring activities
-    Install environmental monitoring stations with a specific calibration and Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures
-    Coordinate integrated research and monitoring programs
-    Provide education and training in scientific research
-    Create a framework for exchange of expertise and technology transfer
-    Provide solutions for waste management and remediation
-    Raise institutional awareness of environmental issues
-    Promote the advancement of Gulf area scientists in the international scientific community

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The implementation framework has been established, with the CNR Earth and Environment Department (DTA) as principal investigator for the GEMM integrated environment monitoring program and 12 DTA institutes participating. GEMM also received strong institutional backing at the Italian Foreign Ministry Gulf Desk workshop held in December 2006, where Minister D’Alema encouraged the initiative. CNR and Ev-K2-CNR subsequently became members of the Gulf Desk and opened a Foreign Ministry working group on environmental issues (the Environment Group).

In Kuwait, GEMM met with the enthusiasm of KISR, which signed on as the project’s main local partner, with active participation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Kuwait.  Several meetings and visits to Kuwait have ensued to formalize these arrangements.  A workshop titled “Environmental management: issues, solutions, tools and business prospects” was held in Italy involving over 100 Italian participants and diplomatic representatives of all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.  An Ev-K2-CNR Representative Office has also been established in Kuwait City.

The first six GEMM research projects
will be implemented with KISR. EPA will be also involved in the waste management component of the program.  An institutional workshop will be held in Kuwait to launch the GEMM implementation phase.  The six projects are:
1.    The oceanography of the Arabian Gulf and its coastal environment: the events of the last 50 years and the present forecasting capabilities
2.    Modeling the behavior of dangerous chemicals in the coastal environment (speciation, input-output, distribution, bioaccumulation, toxicity and applicability of         remediation techniques
3.    Radiochemical approach for the monitoring and management of the environment
4.    Remote sensing techniques for monitoring topographic stability through interferometric synthetic aperture radar
5.    Air pollution monitoring network
6.    Waste management to increase recovery of valuable resources and to
minimize environmental impact

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