UN Conference of Parties on Climate Change

Warsaw, November 11-22, 2013


The Key Messages High Summit 2013 will be presented to the United Nations

EvK2CNR will participate in COP 19 in Warsaw in two events  in order to present to the United Nations the Key Messages High Summit 2013, the final report signed by scientists and representatives of institutions at the end of the International Conference on Mountains and Climate Change held in Lecco. 

Ev-K2-CNR events at COP19

Cryosphere Climate Change and Development: Risks and Solutions

Saturday, November 16, 6:30-8:00pm, Room Torun - Central Stadium, Warsaw

Rapid warming and melting in polar and alpine regions negatively impacts development, as well as the global climate system. Discussion of mitigation strategies to urgently slow present-day warming using integrated CO2 and air pollution strategies, based on new modeling supported by the World Bank. 

Registration to COP19 is required to attend the event
For more information: COP19 web site

Day of the Cryosphere - Climate Change Today in Polar and Mountain Regions

Sunday, November 17, 9.00am-6.00pm,  Radisson Blu Centrum, Warsaw

A full-day event devoted to regions of snow and ice on the Earth — the cryosphere — and their importance to the global climate system, the changes they are exhibiting and implications for ecosystems and human communities. 

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