The History of Ev-K2-CNR  

It all began when a 1986 American expedition declared K2 was taller than Everest.   Agostino Da Polenza and Prof. Ardito Desio could not resist this challenge and, in 1987, they united their scientific and mountaineering strengths to launch the “Ev-K2-CNR Project” in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council.

They organized expeditions which put mountaineering at the service of science and re-measured both mountains using traditional survey techniques and innovative GPS (Global Positioning System) measurements.  Not only did they confirm Everest’s title but they also set the standard for altitude measurements to come.  Two years later, they founded the Ev-K2-CNR Committee to continue promoting technological and scientific research at high altitude, particularly in the Hindu Kush-Karakorum-Himalaya (HKKH) region.

Presidente Ev-K2-Cnr Agostino Da Polenza  Ev-K2-Cnr Misurazione vetta Everest

The next year, in 1990, by Desio himself (at the age of 93), inaugurated Ev-K2-CNR’s innovative Pyramid International Laboratory/Observatory at 5,050 m a.s.l. in Nepal.  Since then, Ev-K2-CNR has become increasingly recognized for this unique scientific research base, the  quality and importance of the research carried out there and the specialized scientific contributions, combining technical and logistic know-how with scientific excellence. 

Prof. Ardito Desio in Piramide  Ev-K2-Cnr La piramide in costruzione

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- 1987:  Launch of the Ev-K2-CNR Project – re-measurement of Everest and K2 using GPS technology.

- 1989Ev-K2-CNR Committee founded.

- 1990:  Shipment and installation of the Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory in Nepal.

Ev-K2-Cnr Costruzione Piramide  Ev-K2-Cnr Affisione targa Ingresso Piramide

- 1991:  Installation of the Pyramid seismic station (later removed for technical reasons).

- 1992Scientific expedition "Everest 92" – re-measurement of the summit with GPS and laser technologies.

- 1994:  Scientific expedition “Extreme Altitude Survival Test (EAST) ’94” –  physiological investigations up to 6,500 m on Everest.

- 1995:  Construction begun on Pyramid annexed housing unit.

- 1996"K2 Geoexpedition" – re-measurement of the summit with GPS and laser technologies.

- 1997:  Scientific expedition  “Extreme Altitude Survival Test (EAST) Lhotse”– physiological investigations up to 7,600 m.

- 1998:   Guinness Book of World Records for the highest concert at the Pyramid.

- 2000:   Founding of the 2002-International Year of Mountains Italian Committee by Ev-K2-CNR Ev-K2-CNR hosts the Alpine Forum, the scientific conference of the Alpine Convention, in Bergamo Milan Mountains 2000 event, organized by Ev-K2-CNR.

- 2001:   Re-measurement of Cerro Aconcagua.
              Launch of RATEAP project for the study of particulate air pollution at the Pyramid Completion of the network of  meteorological stations “Pyramid Meteo Network” in the Khumbu Valley.
              Installation of a permanent GPS station at the Pyramid.   
              Participation in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), Johannesburg.

- 2003:   Launch of the Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment (SHARE) -Asia Project.
              Launch of the DSS-HKKH Partnership Project, an outcome of WSSD.
              Launch of the Snow Leopard Project in Nepal.
- 2005:   Launch of the Karakorum Trust project.
              Launch of “Up Project”.
              Karakorum Trust intervention for emergency earthquake aid in Pakistan.

- 2006:  SHARE-Asia becomes SHARE with installation of weather station on Mt. Ruwenzori, Uganda.
              EARTH unit patented.
              Ev-K2-CNR invited to join UNEP’s Project ABC; installation of ABC station at Pyramid.

- 2007:   Ev-K2-CNR Side Event at the 15th meeting of the UN Committee on Sustainable Development, New York.
              Launch of the GEMM Project.  
              Ev-K2-CNR accredited with Observer Status to the UNEP Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF).

-2008:  Scientific expedition “SHARE-Everest” – installation of the world’s highest weather station.
             Ev-K2-CNR accreditation as NGO with Consultative Status by ECOSOC.

Ev-K2-Cnr L'esposizione della Piramide in fiera

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