Trekking equipment checklist 

Suggested equipment (not compulsory) for trekking in the Khumbu Valley from Lukla to the Pyramid:

•    sun hat with visor
•    stocking cap
•    scarf
•    sun glasses
•    sun block (minimum spf 6 for face, 12 for lips)
•    T-shirts (cotton or wool) 
•    comfortable underwear
•    long and short sleeved shirts
•    polar fleece (pile) jacket
•    wool sweater
•    cotton pants
•    shorts (culturally less acceptable for women)
•    warm pants, e.g., polar fleece (pile)
•    silk long underwear
•    wool long underwear 
•    cotton socks
•    wool socks
•    ski jacket (gore-tex shell and down liner, see notes) 
•    rain gear (waterproof jacket and pants)
•    tennis shoes
•     hiking boots (broken in!)
•    warm gloves and/or mittens
•    sleeping bag filled with goose down

•    toiletry kit (soap & shampoo, toothbrush and  toothpaste, small scissors, safety pins, mirror)
•    kit small sewing kit
•    kleenex
•    toilet paper
•    towel
•    multi-purpose ("Swiss army") camping knife (NB: knives and scissors must not be carried on the plane as hand luggage and should always be packed with your checked luggage)
•    nylon cord

•    safety pouch (i.e., money belt) for passport, personal documents, money
•    camera and film
•    personal pharmacy and first aid
•    medium size backpack/rucksack (50 liters)
•    small thermos or water bottle (1/2 liter), trail bars, vitamins (see notes)
•    small flashlight or headlamp and batteries (see notes)
•    umbrella (see notes)

1) Down clothing and sleeping bags can be rented in Kathmandu and in Namche;
2) Moderate to good quality hiking and trekking gear is available both new and used in Kathmandu and in small shops along the way, along with a variety of useful equipment and clothing items;
3) Umbrellas can be purchased in Kathmandu;
4) Normal sized alkaline batteries can be purchased in Kathmandu and at some places along the trek;
5) Tea shops and lodges serve a variety of food and drinks along the way. It is, however, recommended that trekkers have some snacks along to eat and drink should the need arise.

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