Structure, strumentation and lodge 

The inside of the Pyramid is divided into three levels, which are used for the following purposes.

On the first level there are services for common use, laboratories, warehouses and swithchboards, divided as follows:

  • Two large laboratories,  equipped with: decomposable and dismantled sectors, provided with canalizations for power supply, panels for the tools connection and lighting, custom-made metal dismountable containers, pliable metal chairs;
  • Section dedicated to chemical analysis with: de-ionizer, high purity production system, samples manipulation device in controlled atmosphere as well as the normal equipment of a chemical laboratory;
  • Bathroom premises complete with WC, sink, shower;
  • Common use/meetings premises equipped with: metal structure tables made of dismountable and decomposable sectors, metal structure dismountable chairs covered with fabric, custom-made metal containers.


The second level is composed of three medium sized laboratories completely separated among them, a first aid room against mountain sickness and toilets
It is furnished with laboratory tables, chairs, lockers, containers of various material, hyperbaric chamber, oxygen concentrator and complete transportable set of oxygen bottle, regulator and mask.

It is dedicated to data processing, telecommunications, and to the management, it is however furnished with a tool supporting table, metal support containers, chairs.    

 Ev-K2-Cnr Strumentazione in Piramide  Ev-K2-Cnr Strumentazione in Piramide
Ev-K2-Cnr Formazione in Piramide  Ev-K2-Cnr Strumentazione in Piarmide



          - Main photovoltaic system
                  O Pyramid section
                  O Lodge section
                  O Auxiliary services section

    - HF Radio (for communications on national level, including the aircraft ones)
    - VHF Radio
                  O Walkie talkies
                  O Radio link (covering up to Namche Bazar)
                  O Fixed bases (one in the Pyramid, the others, in the countryside, for  the operations)
    - Telephone/ satellite modem
                  O IP telephone (internal switchboard ME)
                  O satellite mobile phones
                  O telephones/portable satellite modem
    - Satellite Terminal VSAT
                  O Internet connection
                  O Data connection
                  O Videoconference


    - First aid
    - Pharmacy
    - Oxygen concentrator, hyperbaric chamber, portable oxygen set with mask
    - Dismantled stretcher for transport on difficult ground
    - Injured immobilization set
    - Alpine material aid set

Technical services

    - Electric laboratory
    - Electronic laboratory
    - Photovoltaic alimentation set for countryside works (Photovoltaic with AC erogation)
    - Field broadband internet connectivity set
    - “Virtual presence set”: rucksack which allows to make an AV connection via satellite with a local field operator
    - Broadcast live set: rucksack which allows to broadcast live via field satellite
    - Transportable set for long distance VHF / HF communications
Logistic services

Logistic services

    - Base camp and research fields set
                  O Tents
                  O Mattresses
                  O Rucksacks
                  O Alpine material
                  O High altitude clothing
IT services

    - Networks
                  O Internal laboratory LAN
                  O Public IP network
    - Computer
                  O desktop
                  O notebook
                  O server
    - Printers
    - Wireless access
    - Internet access and variable band

Research services

    - Local weather stations
    - ABC station web cam
    - GPS Master station (not working at the moment)
    - Doris station for ground movement measurements
    - Seismic station (to be shortly re-installed)
    - Chemical analysis laboratory
                  O Very pure water
                  O High cleaning room (samples manufacturing)
                  O Chemical laboratory equipment

Hotel services

    - High level service lodge
                  O Kitchen with Italian food
                  O Dining room with satellite TV
                  O  2-3-4 places rooms
                  O sanitary services - showers
                  O Hot water +solar energy heating


Ev-K2-Cnr Il lodge esterno della Piramide

The Pyramid lodge places the following at everyone’s disposal:
    O 20 bed places
    O Sanitary services
    O Common rooms
    O Satellite Tv
    O Internet Connection – Satellite telephone connection 

Ev-K2-Cnr Piramide Il Lodge Interno  Ev-K2-Cnr Piramide Il Lodge Interno  
Ev-K2-Cnr Cena in Piramide  Ev-K2-Cnr Interno Lodge Piramide

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