The Ev-K2-CNR Committee's purpose and work can be summarized as follows:


Become recognized for contributions made to the resolution of complex global problems concerning the environment, health and socio-economic development.


The Ev-K2-CNR specialization lies in our capacity to work systemically using knowledge generated within a multidisciplinary framework while promoting the dissemination of science. Ev-K2-CNR combines lessons learned through science with innovation to promote sustainable strategies for safeguarding the environment and improving the quality of life with a special focus on one of the world's most vulnerable and most valuable resources: mountains.

The Ev-K2-CNR Committee applies skills, tools, knowledge and methodology to sustainable development within a system of excellence that benefits from strong ties to mountain landscapes and populations, scientific competence and a thorough understanding of local needs.


Provide specialized scientific support for sustainable development in high altitude areas, promoting environmental conservation and a better quality of life for local populations.

- Further scientific knowledge
- Transfer scientific results so they can be applied to sustainable management of mountain regions
- Build capacity of local scientists and research institutions
- Promote development cooperation that respects local cultures and traditions
- Valorize and preserve mountain environments
- Apply a systemic (social, economic and environmental) approach
- Support decision makers
- Provide qualified expertise
- Transfer technology to bridge the digital divide
Identify and apply best practices in the application of science to development

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