Ev-K2-Cnr Unit Research 

Ev-K2-CNR - CNR External Research Unit Management Committee

Established to regulate execution of the programmatic and financial affairs, it is made up of two members of CNR, one being the Director of the DTA, and two representatives of Ev-K2-CNR. The committee oversees implementation of the “Scientific and Technological Research at High Altitude” project.

Coordinator :

Dr. Andrea Lami - Institute of Ecosystem Study - CNR
Prof. Antonio Ciaschi - EvK2CNR

Management Committee:

  •     Prof. Enrico Brugnoli - Director Earth and Environmental Department - CNR
  •     Prof. Franco Prodi - Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate - CNR
  •     Mr. Agostino Da Polenza - President Ev-K2-CNR Committee
  •     Dr. Riccardo de Bernardi - Institute of Ecosystem Study - CNR
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