Ev-K2-Cnr Chartered Association 


Association Members

  • Agostino Da Polenza -President
  • Antonio Ciaschi  - Vice President 
  • Comitato Ev-K2-Cnr
  • Riccardo de Bernardi
  • Paolo Bonasoni 
  • Anna Milvia Boselli 
  • Paolo Cerretelli 
  • Giuseppe Covelli
  • Riazul Hassan
  • Giulio Marchesi
  • Elisa Maria Vuillermoz
  • Daniele Bocchiola
  • Claudio Smiraglia 
  • Gianni Tartari 
  • Annaluisa Cogo 
  • Hildelgard Diemberger 
  • Sandro Lovari 
  • Giorgio Poretti 
  • Ennio Marsella 

Board of Director

  • Agostino Da Polenza – President
  • Riccardo De Bernardi 
  • Francesco Fumagalli 
  • Antonio Ciaschi
  • Gian Pietro Verza


  • Marcello Mora
  • Paolo Moro
  • Enrico Fornito 

Ev-K2-CNR Scientific Council

A group of 5 experts, nominated by the Executive Committee, responsible for providing scientific guidance and identifying research priorities. The Council may take part in elaboration of new integrated projects of the Association.  They also provide support and advice on the planning and execution of activities for the Ev-K2-CNR External Research Unit and for the Executive Committee.


  • Riccardo de Bernardi - CNR ISE (Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi) – Verbania Pallanza


  • Thomas Hofer - FAO Forestry officer (Forest conservation & hydrology)
  • Aziz Ali Najam - Shifa College of Medicine - Provost & Associate Dean, Student Development & University Affairs
  • Roland Psenner
  • Bruno D'Argenio
  • Claudio Tomasi

Ev-K2-CNR Regional Scientific Board


  • Aziz Ali Najam 
  • Ashiq Ahmad Khan
  • Muhammad Akram Kahlown 
  • Qamar-Uz-Zaman Chaudhry


  • Bhupesh Adhikary
  • Dinesh Bhuju

Ev-K2-CNR / NAST Bilateral Technical Committee

Made up of 3 representatives each from Ev-K2-CNR and NAST.  The BTC meets annually to approve research projects proposed for execution at the Pyramid and/or within the “Ev-K2-CNR/NAST High Altitude Scientific and Technological Research Project”.


  • Prof. Dr. Surendra Raj Kafle – Co-Chairman
  • Dr. Mangala Devi Manandhar 
  • Prof. Dr. Praksh Chandra Adhikari 


  • Dr. Enrico Brugnoli – Co-Chairman
  • Prof. Annalisa Cogo 
  • Dr. Elisa Vuillermoz


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