15th World Lake Conference - Perugia 


Ev-K2-CNR alla Quidicesima Conferenza mondiale sui Laghi

15th World Lake Conference – Lakes: the Mirrors of the Earth
1-5 September, 2014 – Perugia, Italy

Il Comitato EvK2CNR partecipa alla quindicesima Conferenza Mondiale sui Laghi che si terrà a Perugia dal 1 al 5 settembre. Organizza e coordina la sessione speciale intitolata Climate Change: lakes and water resources in Mountain Regions

Sito ufficiale della Conferenza

CALL FOR ABSTRAC - MS3-06 Special Session  
Climate Change: lakes and water resources in Mountain Regions

The World Lake Conference will bring together experts in the field of lake environments and habitats, with the underlying goal of establishing a basis for developing multidisciplinary solutions to multidisciplinary issues. In this context, the session MS3-06 Climate Change: lakes and water resources in Mountain Regions will provide an opportunity of dialogue among new generation of researchers and scientists to present the environmental changes that occur on lakes and water resources in mountain regions and to promote mitigation strategies and new solutions to improve water quality and its use.

In fact, the environmental changes that occur at high altitudes have direct and indirect impacts on water quantity and quality, on their biodiversity and on the structure and function of freshwater ecosystems in mountain regions. Moreover, high altitude freshwater ecosystems may possibly acquire increasing importance for water management in the future; since they serve as multifunctional tools in the regulation of the water balance and they may represent a secondary source of pollution to ecosystems at lower altitudes, with important implications for water quality and usage.

For further information please visit the Abstract Subission pageof conference official web site

The deadline for abstract submissions is March 31, 2014.

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