Press Room 

One of the Ev-K2-CNR's peculiarities is to provide a careful spreading of its researches to a large and varied public.

Communicating research results is rapidly rising on the science priority list. Do it both for a specialized and a generic public, it's a stimulating challenge.

During its twenty years activity in the field of scientific research, the Ev-K2-CNR Committee provided itself with a qualified communication staff, able to cover the major scientific events, organize conference and workshop and to provide correct information.  

In this Area:

- Press Releases: a round-up of the most important results and national and international appointments of Ev-K2-CNR Committee.

- News & Events: the latest news and events of Ev-K2-CNR Committee.

- Press Review: divided by years and by different communication channels (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, international press, press agencies, web).

- Press Kit: realized for journalists and communication experts.

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