The Italian science and cooperation and the shadow of K2  

Islamabad, September 9-10, 2013 - Skardu, September 13-14, 2013

The Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the Karakorum International University, in the framework of the SEED project, are presently organizing a set of events in Islamabad and Skardu to celebrate and underline the development of the bilateral cooperation between Italy and Pakistan.The four-days event, patronized by the Italian Embassy in Islamabad, will include:

• a scientific seminar on Atmospheric Brown Clouds;
• a scientific conference on glaciers, water and ecosystem in the Karakorum area, including a poster session;
• a photo exhibit to celebrate Filippo De Filippi's expedition;
• an International Mountan Film Festival dedicated to mountaineering and exploration;
• a set of events in Skardu to illustrate through banners and posters the results of the research programs carried out within the SEED Project.

With this four-days event, the Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the SEED Project aim at providing visibility and acknowledgement for achievements and activities of their technical and institutional partners and underline the importance of the donors, at a regional, national and international scale.

In particular this event aims at highlighting the role of the Governments of Italy and Pakistan as donors of the project. This set of initiatives wants to be a concrete opportunity to share and spread what the Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the SEED Project are doing to guarantee a real and concrete sustainable development of the Central Karakorum National Park.

This event is being organized in collaboration with:

Alpine Club of Pakistan, Central Karakorum National Park Directorate, Department of Tourism of the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan, Orobie Film Festival, PNAC Pakistan National Accreditation Council, Politecnico di Milano, Società Geografica di Firenze, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Università degli Studi di Padova, Università degli Studi di Siena.


For more details, click the following link:

The Italian Science & Cooperation at the shadow of K2: Complete Programme



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